The horrors of small town and online dating

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Have you ever tried to do the online dating scene and have it blow up in your face? Well, I have, and I’m sure you guys have too. This video is all about the horrors of dating in small towns and trying to find Mr. right in a society that puts sex higher than relationships in the gay culture.

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Per Rymark says:

Hey man. It works pretty much the same way over here in Sweden. Guys lying
about age, weight and state of fitness (as well as wealth, work and
academic credentials). Guess the internet dating scene just is a sex
facilitator at best. I found my bf through friends, slowly getting to know
each other, dating the old fashioned way and finally becoming an issue.
Anyway, you are a good looking dude and I am sure you will both date and
have serious relationship. All the best. //Per (fire fighter for real :-))

adam lewis says:

I met my current bf on grindr, i am really happy that i found him on it

adam lewis says:

You’re cute


I wished you lived in California, i would love to hangout with you and play
some video games and relax..

steven dukes says:

I got the same problem man. Craigslist is all there is for me. And where I
live old Manville. I hate being gay I really do and wish I were str8.

librarob1987 says:

Cool Video!!!, very familiar and very similar to my situation. In fact I’m
doing an episode and putting it out there tonight, its on gay dating and my
experiences everything. Anyways I hit the like button
Peace :)

Pubert Slurptin says:

Okcupid is where I met my fiance, you just have to be persistent. Sounds
like you gave up too soon.

Fabio Zimmerman says:

Hey, I enjoyed watching your video so much. I have also had a similar
experience with online dating. I feel like there’s nobody out there for
me.. Most guys in chat rooms and gays apps just want to have a fast f***.

It’s been one year since you’ve posted this video. So, have found anyone?

Manuel Alejandro Aguilar Blanco says:

You are 100% right,,, Here in Europe we have the same problems, with dating
its sad really sad, dating here is like saying i just want a quick Fck,
there is no companionship anymore, really really sad 

Lyle Lastwell says:

Damn man, I truly feel you!!!

Javier Cervantes says:

Can you read Spanish? 

ChiselMouse says:

Preach it, brother! Late to the party here but just found your channel.
I’m in the same damn boat. Have worked nights for several years which has
pretty much killed the pathetic social life I had, not to mention dating,
and the cherry on top is that I live in South Dakota. Been looking into
doing the online thing but I definitely have some trepidation. It’s a
bummer to see all the others in the comments here in the same situation.
Maybe we can organize a group meetup, LOL.

enkii82 says:

so funny!! hahahahaa………… I can’t believe you said f**k so many
times. too bad you live in ME, I live in CT. otherwise I would date you!

kdrmradio says:

I think you should give online dating another chance. I met a few flakes
online but for the most part I met a lot of great guys that were
relationship material. Be very specific about what you are looking for but
at the same time make your profile fun and interesting to read. Are there
any social potlucks in your area? The partner I am living with now I met
at a potluck in a small town (Nevada City, CA). It’s been my experience
that people from small towns tend to be less jaded. Also patience is key.
Usually I didn’t find love, love found me when I least expected it.

BayCityBlues says:

I have watched a bunch of your videos and you really are an intelligent,
thoughtful person. When you find the right one, boy will he be a lucky guy!

Amo Caras says:

i iked u so much

Rambl3On says:

I know how you feel. I recently ended a fling with a fraternity brother of
mine, so I’m back to trying the whole online dating thing. But like you
said, it sucks in a small town especially in MS. Oh well life goes on. Hope
you find a good guy soon. It’s cool too see a fellow r/gaybro’s youtube
channel. You make cool vids!

sillyaccent says:

been there and i know exactly how much it sucks. just keep on waiting i
suppose, the right guy might simply pop out of somewhere.

4lifegamer32 says:

I can so relate to you about dating n the gay community.

Cj Sanchez says:

Seiously I know how you feel. I live in a small town, but it’s mostly
straight people. And the guys that are worth dating, live far away.

Dominix Salexa says:

Please date me!

Alexander Podosenov says:

One thing can lead to another … Dan Savage calls his hubby of many years
a one-night stand that never ended.

Nerozumim says:

Maine is one of the 6 or 7 states, mostly in North East, where I’d consider
to live if I was in USA. I went to Ogunquit once and, back then I was
clueless, I went there with my mother because it was close to Canada, and I
was like: WTF??? Super gay-friendly place out of nowhere??? My jaw dropped.

xPerfectum says:

I feel like I’m kind of like you I don’t really fill into any of the groups
of gays

Kyle Damron says:

You don’t have to fit a profile Mike! Just be yourself! That’s the most
important part!

vwestlife says:

I’d call you a cute twink, if you take it as a compliment! 🙂

Robert Kenyon says:

I think you’ve taken an important step here in your quest to find someone
of like mind who wants the kind of life you want. Being consistently open
about who you are and what you want will make you more visible to the kind
of man you want to meet, and make him more likely to risk becoming visible
to you. Maine might even be an especially good place to meet a nice guy who
has not yet become disillusioned or jaded by gay life, and one more likely
to have a background and values like your own.

Burtt Stretke says:

You are so right! I completely understand the problems of dating in a small
town/area. I live in Northern Michigan and it just seems that everyone who
is looking on those “dating” sites is like 60 and looking to cheat on their
wives. I am not looking to be someone’s mid-life crisis lol. Anyways, I
just stumbled upon your videos and love them! You have yourself a new

alex says:

It’s scary how much I understand you. We’re in the exact same position man,
but I guess someday you’ll meet someone who makes you feel like the wait
was worth it. And yes, you are cute.

Neil Dinh says:

Lol, I really greatly relate to you. Even if you’re out and I’m not, I did
have my share of trying to get a “relationship”, not a “fuckship”. Things
failed horribly. And it seemed like I don’t fit anywhere because me and my
life is too normal and awkward compared to other gay guys. I categorized
myself as my own group: the boring and non-relatable gay! And I live in
Memphis TN, not a small town but being gay here is not a thing.

dafv2011 says:

You are cute but I know what you mean, you aren’t that young cute look that
you normally think of as a twink. I don’t really fit in any of those boxes
either. I am skinny but I am to old to be a twink. I guess I might fit into
the hipster community. I think I am going to try online dating and just
hope I can weed out all the people who are just looking for sex. I have
seen some people who post on their profile, “Please don’t send me cock
pics.” I think it is sad that that is necessary.

MrHomunkulus says:

I know that feeling so good. I’m from Germany but the Problems are the
same. 90% of the people just want to fuck all the time and 5% are just
idiots. It’s so frustrating. I don’t think i’ll get a Mr.right soon. I
really like your Videos 🙂

Neil Dinh says:

Oh and come on, you are cute! 🙂

westtell4 says:

I LIKE HIM he does not fuck on the first date

andrew boy says:

COOL! i’m 24 😛 (that’s fine u don’t have to ask XD)

Julian Outram says:

If it makes you feel any better, I’d date you and I’m 21, but I’m in the UK
sad 🙁

thatfatboiforu says:

Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate it. Sorry you’re fling ended, but I’m
glad a fellow gaybro is out there in the same spot as me. I’m really glad
you liked my vid, and good luck to you too man.

sworthing86 says:

I know what your going thou wit the gray space. Don’t think that ur not
cute because you are very cute

William Caron says:

Getting cuter all the time

Zone 99 says:

You need to move , I grew up in Boston and we had a cottage in Old Orchard
Beach , its nice there but i know what you meen , I live in Long Beach Ca –
for 22 years , Its mutch better…good luck

Bryan says:

The second guy I met also seemed to want a relationship. But I felt a
stronger connection to him. He definitely had that gray area in him too. We
met twice, I’m actually still talking to him and I know he wants to meet me
again. I guess I’ll just have to see where it goes. If he doesn’t work out,
I doubt i’ll still keep using the online thing either.

xPerfectum says:

I’m a very masculine person yes I do have my moments but I’m just not like
that I want the lovey dovey things in a relationship and for me sex is just
a bonus I’d rather be with that person than to just fuck every night and
have no emotional connectivity

Lorne Thomson says:

I don’t know how things are in the U.S. but in the U.K. I think attitudes
towards gay relationships are changing, both inside the community and out.
While this certainly isn’t always the case, I find that the sort of guys
who are only interested in hookups tend to be the ones who are least
comfortable with their sexuality, like it’s a sort of outlet for their
frustration. With social progress, people become more at ease with being
themselves and suddenly a relationship is no longer a big deal.

andrew boy says:

i want to find relationship ! not all about sex!

djmixnmagic says:

It might be worth considering relocating if you can d so comfortably, and
because you want to, not necessarily because you are more likely to find a
guy there. You’re cute–you know it–and you might be quite surprised to
find there are plenty of other guys who also just live life low key and

William Caron says:

How can you say you are not cute? Absurd. Good not to have excessive
vanity, but be real.

TXBCthexboxchannel says:

Thumpa, I know what you mean about just wanting to share your life with
someone, and it not being about sex, but about love. wanting to be there
through the good and the bad, and the neither one or other. Just wanting to
look next to you and see the person you care about the most and seeing they
and you are happy together. Sitting watching a movie together or walking in
the park. It comes so commonplace for straight couples, but for some people
it is nothing more than a dream. (CRASH)

Micael Duarte says:

I’m just like you in terms of the way we think about relationships. Most
people are just looking for sex and then it’s over. People don’t care about
the real feelings anymore and that’s kinda awful… I’m homossexual like
you and I understand all of your points of view! I’m not that guy with a
“gay voice” or effeminate, but it’s important to say that the guys who are
that way, have to be respected as any other person! You’re handsome, just
sayin’… (Sorry for any mistake, I’m Portuguese 🙂 )

sworthing86 says:

When’s the next vid?

Ray C says:

Great video and I agree with the sentiment of the comic. Having said that,
there are options in Boston.

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