Opie and Anthony – Discussing the first episode of Jersey Shore

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From 12/7/09


zeus7623 says:

Wish people understood that Atlantic City and north are the Guido beaches
(not all but that’s where they are). South of AC are the normal beach towns
(Sea Isle, Stone Harbor, Avalon, etc,). ´╗┐

pretorious700 says:

weird sounding audio´╗┐

pretorious700 says:

I’m guessing “SaintJimmy76” may be a guido. or just a dim bulb

pretorious700 says:

No, not exclusive to the US, but most other cultures don’t have TV shows
about them.

sathanaful says:


handmadepancakes says:

Mike is 29??? He’s even more gross now.

DuffPaddy1 says:

What about Geordie Shore?

Eric from TX says:

Same here

amayagab says:

I’m going to use the term “forced bi” every opportunity I have.

Psyq Watts says:

There will always exist this percentage of all human beings who have no
understanding of facetious sarcasm.

Jesus 'Jesus of Nazareth, Son of Joseph' Carpenter says:

17:15 At this point the boys predict exactly what happens with the ‘reality
TV’ sector.

common101sense says:

Nothing makes me happier then a black caller on O&A

mjd222003 says:

“The Situation” is tough to top in the hilarious, self-appointed nickname

pretorious700 says:

I will never cease to be amazed at the ignorant sub cultures spawned in the

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