Golden Rule of Online Dating

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After asking blog buddies for some of their online dating pet peeves, I decided on this one golden rule of gay online dating.
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Jacob Jagger says:

u r a very wise person Davey. thank u for this channelīģŋ

Alexander Roe says:

do you ever where a shirt in your videos…. not that im complaining….

covrider1978 says:

Great advice!

CHaaD RockWell says:


itsbrianyay says:

if i was happy with doing myself i wouldnt be interested in online dating,
now would i?

RattleMyZipper says:

I haven’t spanked my monkey today, just what I needed Davey!

Scott Heron says:

Love you Davey Wavey!

Brittany Bush says:

don’t be a fucking douche is more like the number 1 rule for life

Joeyy Newcombe says:

@amandalovesrayt That was my first take on it. I watched it a bit
more….and came up with that. As Davey said, “you either get it or you
don’t.” I don’t 😛

poprocker24 says:

But just doing myself isn’t as fun :S

TheNomadblue says:

Why doe’s the sign say “fucking douche” and you keep saying “fuck’n
douche”? I love it when you say FUCK Davey! ~ Peace Nomad

Christiano Vincenti says:


1veggiemonster says:

I don’t like this video because it leaves nothing for the good guys who are
always being hurt by douchebags.

Amir-Alexander Zilali says:

you are so freaking hot!

Acer76e says:

I cannot agree more with everything you said, especially the part about
saying, “not really looking for anything”…yet they downloaded an app,
uploaded a pic, typed a whole bunch of meaningless bs and are on every
single day almost all day.

nvoushair1 says:

What great advice ……Hope that at least 2 or more can hear and put to
fruition your suggestions,way to go Davey Wavey

SuperfineConcubine says:

Love it!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

lloyda221 says:

don’t be a fucking douche! hahahahahaha i am WEAK.

froterons says:

you look very clean 😮

global001 says:

Good video. I agree guys cant get upset if someone doesn’t respond to a
message or have face pix. Everyone is on there for different reasons and
not one rule applies. Its a bit dictatorial for ppl to think that it might.
You say that if someone has created a profile and uploaded some pix then
they must be ‘actively searching for something’ & ‘you’re not fooling
anyone’. Thats not entirely true. Just setting up a profile to have a
presence doesn’t mean actively searching.

britneymusicsource says:

oh boy your so fine,… (: gotta be the finest thing ive seen in my life (:

Anton Doherty says:

@oxysean OMG! He totally is !! Check out the kitchen in Scotty Dynamo’s
pumpkin carving video and compare it with the kitchen Davey filmed in while
in Toronto. It’s the exact same, haha ! 🙂

Alexandre Ferrier says:

@Imbiyourside Thank you-)

PlentyeDating says:

The real dating happens at PlentyeDating. Bye

chachachachilo says:

dont be a fucking douche! hilarious!

Alex kolobok says:

You don’t look so straight with my dick in my mouth :- % aaaaaahahahaha
love it!!!!

The1Limitless1 says:

I really enjoyed watching your video! I’m telling my friends about it now!
🙂 I’m looking forward to see what you post next. I have a website related
to your video that I would like to know if you would place my link in your
description? made4dating(dot)com/limitless I am willing to pay you $15 for
placing my link there. We can help each other out! Please let me know soon.
Thank You! Davina

ThePurpleNinja1100 says:

I don’t get the joke. Plz explain!

maxx20091 says:

“You don’t look so straight with my dick in yo mouth” hahaha

DaddysGirl3181 says:

You get a like for not bleeping out fucking like every one else does. xD
Although, I woulda liked it anyways

edittingme says:

i have an odd obsession with your chest. i look at them when u talk instead
of your face. sorry.

LetheSoda says:

Rule Two of LIFE is “Don’t be stupid.” This video fits perfectly with that
rule. Davey. You rock.

edgeExotics says:

This is like the golden rule for life, not just dating.

Kevin Pastor says:

you should run for senate 😀

Zax Otter says:

@updater96 I’m so sorry. My stupid ass brother didn’t log me out and
commented. Sorry.

MrDietsam says:

this is a golden rule for life. not just online dating

TravisDeP says:

May anyone who hears that laugh rest in peace. (And I don’t get it. =p)

onzecinq says:

That is so funny! Somebody asking not to participate to negativity by
imposing your rules…but the only thing he does is impose his rule by a
negative statement! The whole video is negative. Actually why does a good
looking guy like him needs to date online and focus on complaining?

MeLoveQAF says:

Daveys changed ): my laptops Ben broken but I’m just now wathin his vids
for the first time in about 3months… He curses a lot more, looks
absolutely xmpre amazing but.. Idunno

123moscowman says:

Your so funny:) I love your personality:)

shangrigreige says:

@bluespringwater Actually, what i meant was, isn’t it ‘mentally speaking’ a
kinda gross act, even for heteros mind. One’s penis in an orifice designed
for… well, you get the picture? If one just considers it with a little
gravity, wouldn’t one want to do something nicer instead? Just a thought. &
Thx for reply.

Alana218 says:

You’re cutee

Er3s says:

I like how the cabinet behind you with the bowl on top makes it look like
your wearing a bad ass vampire jacket, super sexy 🙂

Tessa brass says:

Duuuuuuuude. Put a shirt on.

21Stephen12 says:

Lol don’t put a shirt on. Nice bodies are a good thing ;3

romero194 says:

best iphone gay hookup app is Grindr

Sheeva Weil says:

ni-i-i-i-iiiiiice. 🙂

zhaneranger says:

is this a joke only gay guys would get? cuz i don’t get it

freeadultdating115 says:

Wonderful Clip

Connor Wood says:


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