Getting Warm

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Cody Cummings is taking on a very sweet piece of ass this time. His name is Kayden Bennet, and he’s one of Cody’s biggest fans. This becomes clear from their exchange before any action even goes down. Cody gets the heat rising when he takes Kayden’s hand and places it firmly on his dick. Kayden immediately feels Cody’s erection growing underneath his sweatpants.<br/><br/>Cody doesn’t waste much time. He has Kayden servicing him right from the jump. Kayden takes his time enjoying that large, pulsating cock in his mouth. By the way he jacks his nice, hard dick, it’s clear Kayden’s been rehearsing for this moment. Join in the passion as Cody let’s Kayden get a taste of his entire body in this intense, sexy encounter.


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