BBC3 ‘Free Speech’ ‘Can you be Gay and Muslim?’ Maajid Nawaz vs Abdullah al Andalusi

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BBC3 ‘Free Speech’ ‘Can you be Gay and Muslim?’ – Maajid Nawaz vs Abdullah al Andalusi


Imran Malik says:

Islam does not allow any sexual act with the same sex. It is a sin, and it
is a test. Not one that you cannot bear otherwise it would not have been
given to you. When will Islam or Muslims accept the actions of same sex
attraction? in sense of civil partnership etc, is never. Islam is a
religion based on a way of life and cannot change to best suit your or
anyones desires. It’s ok to have same sex feelings. Feelings are outside of
our control. Your actions towards that feeling is the defining factor.

clitmint says:

“You do not choose to be gay”??? There is no gay gene and never was. They
are mentally defective, not born gay.

RooCH says:

The girl at 18:09 makes me despair. A girl of her age, raised in a modern,
Western society, and yet ingrained with primitive bigotry. Look at how
PROUD and FORTHRIGHT she is with her spewed hatred. Abominable behaviour.
And they wonder why many hate religion.

adam s says:

If you’re Muslim, there’s nothing like gay , people choose to be gay just
like choosing to commit other sins like drinking, sex before marriage
e.t.c. God created A man and a woman, not Man and Man or Woman and Woman. A
Muslim is someone who follows and practice the laws of the Koran. If you’re
gay then you choose it for yourself that’s not the teachings of the Holy
Koran period.

onemarktwoyou says:

That is complete stupidity. You cannot be muslim and gay. It is clear that
islam does not permit that activity. Nor does any person who claims to be
Christian can be actively gay. To say otherwise would show the stupidity of
the new liberal wackos which have promoted these views.

These so-called muslim are LYING!!! Here are just a couple of sources that
states what islam teaches.

Qur’an (26:165-166) – “Of all the creatures in the world, will ye approach
males, “And leave those whom Allah has created for you to be your mates?
Nay, ye are a people transgressing”
Abu Dawud (4462) – The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be
upon him) said, “Whoever you find doing the action of the people of Loot,
execute the one who does it and the one to whom it is done.”.

lozman67 says:

” You chose to be a Muslim” said the lady – except he was raised in a
household that told him if he ever left the faith he’d be killed.

Poor Classic Reimu says:

Atheists are sick motherfuckers like charles darwin

Tokyoheidi says:

Why don’t you go debate with all the British people who hate gays and
always use homophobic terms and always excluding gays about how filthy they
are. Eh? Or is this to put Muslims on the spot just to get your point and
make them look bad all the time? You’re no different from you politicians.
Why don’t You DEBATE the children dying in afganistan and Iraq because of
your TROOPS. In the name of peace and freedom you justify MURDER and

Mahammed Said says:

astaghfirullah the end is near, if gay being allowed in our religion

mrlegkick666 says:

why the fuck would you want to be muslim if your gay!? its like being a jew
and trying to join the SS lol… room full of idiots all stupid in there
own special way

Kylez007 says:

Silly Kaffirs……And to all the people who think you can be gay and
muslim. NEWSFLASH you’re wrong, and there are certain actions that can take
you out of Islam i.e. Kufr, like sodomy


Sorry but Islam is about love and not just rules. We follow thoses rules
because we love Allah azwajal, we love the creation of Allah because we
love and fear Allah azwajal If the creation want’s to go against the rules
of Allah azawajal, that’s up to the creation. But then it also has to face
facts that it will attain those rewards in line with its niyat. And Allah
azwajal is the most forgiving and merciful. Allah azawajal is the master
of the day of judgement; and reserves the right to judge alone. May Allah
azwajal forgive my sins comitted knowingly or unknowing (Ameen)

Jake Smith says:

There is nothing wrong with being gay and Muslim or being gay and
Christian. In the modern day and age the bible or quran shouldn’t be used
for morality. These are books written by man not god. So, you can believe
in God, but why must you follow everything from a book that was written to
brainwash billions for political and personal gains?

Vitor ibn Alvaro Al-Brasili says:

there is no such thing as “gay”, or “heterossexual”. there are men and
women. in islam, its only permissible to a man to have sexual realtions
with his wife. shaytan will eventually try men with illegal activities that
Allah has forbidden us. no one will not be a muslim anymore only to be gay,
for the simple fact that people commit sins. however, if a muslim that
happens to be “gay” – again this does not exist, its just shaytan in your
mind – and BELIEVES ITS OKAY TO BE GAY, than he is not a muslim anymorem
and he is calling ALLAH SWT a liar. this is it. 

Paul Manning says:

Look! all so called “True” Muslims going by Hadith and going by the Quaran
would say it as it is! and that would be that any Muslim that becomes gay
would be killed, as they are in Saudi. Lets get something straight though,
I have no problem at all with a Muslim being gay. But my point is this,
some Muslim hypocrites in this studio don’t practice their own faith it
seems? For me as a none Muslim, I accept anyone’s sexuality, its called
tolerance you know.

timeheals0097 says:

Can people talk abt the fact that you cannot be born gay and that in fact
it is a hybrid of nurture. There is no evidence to prove that you are born
homosexual. Attraction towards a gender is not something you are
genetically or naturally wired with, it is a *choice* you make. Think about
it. Also, a great point was made that the ones subjugating and oppressing
aren’t the religious fundamentalists, but it is the ones slapping titles.
Calling someone homosexual, straight, w/e is not fair; *HUMAN* should cover
The way that this channel covered only Islam, the way that the whole panel
was biased and supported only one side and the way they had no proof for
the validity in the “anonymous” comments and that 72% and lets not forget,
the way that they are bluntly propagating thoughts, being quite the
hypocrites.. And yet this program is legit. Humanity is messed up. 

Spiderman says:

I fucked that Ismaeli chick in the black hood. She kept insisting that she
wanted a threesome with another man, but I told her that I’m no fag. This
is very two faced of her. 

gunner gallian says:

When people say if being gay is not a choice neither being a pedophile is a
choice so why isnt being pedophile allowed in society and homosexuallity
is. Well theres and answer to that which is gays don’t hurt anyone wheres
as pedophiles do and pedophiles do not have consent from the child. However
when it comes to the debate where being muslim and gay its pretty simple.
Here’s the deal in islam it forbids the the action (sexual intercourse with
the same sex) not the desire. So you can be gay and muslim as long as you
don’t act on that. Sexual intercourse with same sex is a sin in islam,
hence it’ll never accept it. When the lady talked about drinking and eating
pork the women on the panel said thats a choice and being gay isnt so now
comes the argument that being a pedophile is also not a choice so why
should they not be allowed in religion. Also id like to point out even if
you act upon your homosexual tendencies in islam you still can be a muslim,
its just like saying if i lie I’m not a muslim anymore, no you’ve commited
a sin but your not a non muslim you may not be a very good muslim but u
still r a muslim. Peace

Bjarne Søegaard says:

This imam with the little hat -if he is an imam I don’t know – but as usual
they sidestep the issue and he doesn’t answer the question because he knows
he will have the audience against him if he speaks what he beliefs. Then he
goes straight to the attack on the Muslim on the floor who seems to have a
think tank to provide contra narratives to the extremists and jihadists.
How can anyone applaud that. He is a liar and priest for the dark ages to
come back. I detest these views.

IndigoChildism says:

Girl at 23:08 is quite beautiful for such an awful person.

maillaarni says:

Abdullah, the liar. You label people. That is why women have to wear the
burqa. You have different sets of rules for men and women. That is why you
call us infidels and that is why you call yourselves Muslims and that is
why we call you hypocrites!

dpiston says:

How can anyone in this day and age believe in such a silly tale of some
prophet in the desert? People with at least a half a brain cell should
realize how stupid and made up the Quran and all it’s silly teachings
sound. Muslim teachings are barbaric and stuck in the 1400’s. Most of all,
Muslim teachings are not true. Their is no proof of a god. The Quran was
written by men, stupid, conniving men trying to gain power over others.

Muslims have been indoctrinated since they were born to believe in such
silly things.

BSEmadcow . says:

It’s like a bunch of nerds arguing over the meaning of a Harry Potter book.
“But what did J. K. Rowling mean in this section? how should we interpret
it?” Grow up, there’s no God. You we’re all brain washed as children you
should denounce your parents for mentally abusing you.

Dawud Bryant says:

Islam has never said anything other than homosexuality is forbidden, there
has never been any other opinion on this subject. The only thing the
scholars ever disagreed about on this matter is how the homosexual should
be executed. By beheading, stoning or throwing them off from a high place.
Maj nawaz and those gays are apostates because of their rejection of what
islam says.

Mohammed Ali says:

Jesus would behead you for saying I’m a lesbian 

mateusz dudzinski says:

19.42 the bitch is crazy. she needs some acid on her fuckin face to shut
her up

jade marvane says:

luisa zissman is a lesbian herself, so there is now 3 homos, 1 muslim and
the other muslim is no longer a muslim, and i think he became gay as well.
this whole documentary has failed miserably

Wujek Stryjek says:

Check out a clip on my chanel “Joe Rogan feat. Duncan Trussell
– ECHOES OF SAVAGES”. It sums up all religious debates anyone can ever

Burhaan Rahman says:

LOOOK. God (praise be to him) created the first two human beings. ADAM AND
EVE. not ADAM AND STEVE. And you know what, your not born with `gayness`,
its a clear disease, its just an excuse every gay idiot uses, AND THAT’S
TRUE. for instance, Islaam prohibits eating pork. but if you are in a place
where there is nothing to eat, you can eat pork. The world is FULL of women
and men. That`s why god prohibits the SICK DISEASE of being gay and lesbo
on mankind. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY my ass……………. straight person: you
are an idiot. gay person: OOOOOOH, your hurting my feelings. Straight
person: theirs people dying around the world and you are sensitive like
that. MAAAN UP YO. 

frogwart70 says:

If that dude is gay and a Muslim then the question has been answered. If
you personally don’t consider him a Muslim you’re wasting your time, just
as I would be wasting my time considering the Catholic pope to be an
atheist. My question is why are the holy books considered perfect moral
guide lines if they are so obviously open to interpretation? seems like a
shaky base on which to build a moral structure, especially if it condones
killing for things like adultery, leaving the religion, being gay, working
on Sunday, condones the segregation of men and women, condones the owning
of slaves, commands removing a thief from his hand, rewards martyrdom……

AnadunePictures says:

“We don’t label people by their sexuality” – no but you do behead them

Chapongir Bashram says:

Most Muslims living in Western countries are destined to turn gay. It’s a
curse and they are being brainwashed by the white devils to become men
loving homos.

DePeaceHunter says:

As a muslim yes i believe you can be gay and muslim at the same time,
because your requirement for being muslim is not your sexuality
orientation. Having said that, I believe that angaging In sexual activity
with the same sex in islam is a sin, just like adultary, dringking alcohol
etc. the desire itself is not sin, but your action decides whether it
becomes sin or not. BUT it’s not a reason for us muslims to treat you
unjustly. Because what you do in private is between you and Allah. just
like we dont go around hating on everybody who does sin. because guess what
we all commit sins, only different ones. We hate sin acts but not the
person. Thats being said, for gay community to expect us to say that same
gender sexual activity is not sin or permittable is a whole different
story. We won’t do that. Just like we wouldn’t say alchohol is halal just
because alchohol addicted person wants us to say so. THe whole point of
becoming muslim is believing that Allah is the only God, that Only Him
knows best what is wrong and what is not. If Allah says something haram
then it is. So for a certain people to ask us a certain law should be
changed according to their desire, they might as well ask us to abandon our
religion. So again, point is it’s ok if you want to commit whatever sin you
like to do. But don’t expect us to change quranic law regarding it. peace

Arcturus Dunhelm says:

If all Muslims were like Majid Nawaz there would have never been any
problem with Islam or Muslims ever, he is by FAR the most intelligent,
rational, educated and knowledgeable Muslim I have ever seen in the media.

maillaarni says:

I don’t have any problem with gays. However, I don’t understand why one
would want to be a Muslim, whether straight or gay.

Derrick G says:

There was a lot of discussion about Islamic and Biblical law, and how
slavery is accepted in both. The main difference that no one brought up is
that Muslims have an obligation to set up society based on Islamic law, the
khalifah. So slavery would be legally practiced in the khalifah according
to Islamic law. That’s one major difference between Islam and every other

sohaybsful says:

if 21% of the eastern people voted for not bieng gay and muslim imagine if
this show was aired in the middle east…hhh lol u can’t be muslims and gay
u can not….

ruben IsOnline says:

Wow i read alot of hatefull comments over here, any of you who are
religious… Let the hate leave your heart and start loving your one true
god…Cause he is the one who should judge people by how the are living
there lives….. If you have hate in your heart it will consume you untill
you are eaten alive by those feelings…. Evere human being is made by god
and Pure religious people shoulden’t hate like this. Cause there is no
place for hate in any religion. Love is the start of true believe… i hope
everyone here can find peace, hapiness en love in there lives even if you
are gay, lesbienn or whatever…. if god wants to punish them so be it
but i will not hate them because they are different. Clearly we all have to
ascend to a higher state of mind where there is no place for hate
anymore…. I am sick of this hate around the world I wish you all alot of
love in your life.

Hungaria56 says:

islam is a load of BULLSHIT.


Abdul Ali says:

The muslim sister killed it that is the kind of muslim we need

Marchant2 says:

What’s ironic is these stupid women with their heads wrapped up because
they’re lesser than the men in their religion, are advocating prejudice
against gay people.

Cover your face bitch because your religion tells me I shouldn’t have to
look at it. And I don’t want to, and I’m a man, and I can tell you what to

Touhou characters are poor cute kid's says:

when I see ur last comment i undrstand you are silly and thinking all the
muslims are faggots and bestialities just like charles Darwin and the fake
jesus lol you blocked me

megalibra82 says:

@clitmint really blocking me from replying on your No-base comment yeah
that will give your credibility ha ha ha.

Reema Ali says:

I don’t understand why people have to get involved in other people’s lives.
If he chooses to be gay and a Muslim let him. At the end of the day he’ll
be going to his own grave and he will suffer the consequences. All this
hate on him will just get you to sin more.

david heslop says:

you dont choose to be gay but you also don’t choose your beliefs….its
what you believe, you don’t choose that

xXSkyassassin says:

So theres a bit of confusion, and they were missing it in the video. In
Islam, yes homosexuality is not allowed, however more specifically; the
actions are not allowed (I quote):
“And (remember) Loot (Lot), when he said to his people: ‘Do you commit the
worst sin such as none preceding you has committed in the ‘Aalameen
(mankind and jinn)?

Verily, you practise your lusts on men instead of women. Nay, but you are a
people transgressing beyond bounds (by committing great sins)’”
If you did not notice, but it said “practise” (the actual application or
use of an idea, belief, or method).
It is true, there are children born with the attraction to the opposite
sex. But they should not practice them:
i.e they should not “practice”/do sexual intercourse with eachother (if
they claim to be/want to be muslim and gay)
i.e they should not “practice” and or get married with the opposite sex
(which is also prohibited in islam).

So is it ok to be gay and muslim? Yes if you are naturally homosexual,
however one should not “practice” such behaviours.
Because one you do, you are contradicting yourself, thus making you a none
Muslim (Can you repent, yes obviously, just don’t lie to your self and
actually ACTUALLY try not to do it again. Or even better try not to get
into it the first time. B/c what ever religion you have to agree, God is
all knowing, we cannot fool him, he knows your intentions).

What ever people said in the video that is contradictory to what I just
said, just know that they are ill-informed, and to the reader as well I
urge you to do your own research (from **ACTUAL** authentic websites,
scholars, etc…).

Thank you to who ever took the time to read this. Islam isn’t the barbaric
or pre-“modern” religion you think it is. I was surprised too after doing
research. If you ever by chance take the time to read or study the Qur’an,
you’ll come to notice everything is logical and with purpose. And also
Suprisingly, it does not just ask you to “believe” or take a leap of faith
without explaining itself. Again Thank you, have a nice day :b

a bc says:

I don’t know why this Christian is having a go at Muslims for not accepting
gays in Islam. When Christianity doesn’t accept homosexuality either; and
if they argue they’ve adapted to modern times; well then they aren’t
following their religion.

billy bob says:

don’t know whats worst, the homo in the video or the non muslims here tryna
dictate to muslims what they should believe in…. deal with the simple
fact, my non muslim friends, that muslims are going to be muslim, and that
means they’re gonna believe in things you don’t, and possibly disagree with
you on things that you may consider sacred… DEAL WITH IT

Saxophone and Clarient - Austral says:

I am a christian, I am on Abdullah al Andlusi side on this one. I think he
could explain it better.
You can be Gay and Muslim. But you cannot commit sodomy (which is sleeping
with the same sex) and be Muslim. We are all sinners, we have all sinful
tendency. But we must chose not to sin. We are sinners, and none of us
choses to be a sinner. I have almost every sinful tendency, To be precise
some of us are weaker toward some sins and some are weaker toward other
sins. We are not all the same Humans but we are all sinners. Some tend to
be thieves some homosexuals.
I don’t think Islam has the love to portray all this across. But yes if you
chose to willfully commit sodomy you cannot be a Muslim or a Christian.
Now It is not good to eat pork, Moses gave health laws. And according to
your knowledge of it you will bear different guilt. But eating pork, or
drinking vine cannot be as sinful at committing Sodomy. (I believe
christians should not eat pork by the way, as muslims and jews. 

Haroon Qadiri says:


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